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The Villainous Community Association Manager

"The manager is in bed with the old Board." "The manager allows the Board to conduct meetings and make decisions secretively." "The manager only sends me violation letters all of the time. They do nothing else but harass me!" These are things that we have commonly heard over the years as it relates to Community Association Managers. As with any profession, there are always a few bad eggs. Ultimately, however, I'm proud to be in an industry with so many talented and professional Community Association Managers.

I have always advocated for Board Members to really research qualifications and reputation of their prospective management company before engaging in a relationship. Vetting your management company is a critical piece in making that partnership with your company because it also ensures that the representative assigned to your community is reputable and professional.

Assuming that the Board has engaged with a reputable management company, it's important to understand the manager's role. The main role of the community manager is to be the guide and support for the Board and homeowners. The manager should be bringing their experience and knowledge to the Board and provide options, recommendations and direction on best practices and in identifying solutions to everyday challenges. From there, it is ultimately the Board who makes decisions and the manager who then implements those decisions.

Unfortunately, politics are often a big part of Community Associations, and there are some communities riddled with fighting factions and homeowners. One of our goals is to find ways to create harmony within a community and to build bridges, but ultimately, our role as professionals is to remain neutral and to work with the elected Board Members. Professional Community Association Managers do not "take sides." Rather, it is the goal of the manager to be able to work cohesively and efficiently with the elected group in identifying Board goals, offering expertise and guidance, and ultimately executing Board decisions.

In today's world climate, it's so important to remain kind and respectful and encourage the same from others. At HOA Organizers, it is always our goal to remain kind and respectful to all of our clients, which includes our valued homeowners and tenants. All walks of life are welcome and have valuable opinions and insights. We want to encourage collaboration in a productive manner and continue to serve our clients with the highest level of professionalism and neutrality.

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