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I would like to indicate my support of Neda Nehouray. Myself and our HOA have been clients of HOA Organizers for the past five years+. I (and we ) have been very satisfied with Neda, her staff and her forward thinking ideas regarding pro-active management. I have worked with many other Management Companies and can say with confidents that HOA Organizers is one of the best if not the BEST!

We can be very exacting and expect service and responsiveness to be fast and efficient. Neda and her Company meet and exceed these goals. Helen Cook, our manager, thinks of what we need before we do and handles our homeowners with courtesy, intelligence, and patience! We try to satisfy our homeowners, not anger them, and Helen achieves those goals!

I hope you will join HOAO (as I call them) and receive the same level of service we do, and that I believe few other HOA's receive.

Gary Burns, President, Mulholland Heights

We love this company. HOA Organizers may possibly take on their second referral from us. They manage a building in which we managed two separate condo units. They're organized (no kidding) timely, communicative and highly recommend their services to anyone looking for HOA management.

Genevieve Y.

Neda has always worked for the betterment and improvement of the associations she manages. Through the last 10 years Neda and her company have soared to new heights.

HOA Organizers is providing transparency and camaraderie to Boards and their memberships regarding managing their associations proving we are all in this together. HOA Organizers is a stellar organization and they deserve to be recognized for the improvement they have contributed to CAI and to the communities they manage.

Pamella De Armas, CIRMS, Silicon Beach Insurance

HOA Organizers has an honest and professional approach to business and are sure to offer every educational resource for their clients. Having seen this company grow over the years has been a pleasure, and it's only with the professionalism and dedication that they employ that they have been able to build such a strong base.

David San Filippo, Critter Busters

Our community has been with HOA Organizers for about 2.5 years after over a decade with another management company.  I instigated the change after I became aware of the lack of oversight on the part of the other company resulting in over $20k of debt to the DWP.  Vanessa, Connie, and Dana have been proactive, responsive, and incredibly professional.  I can't speak to the other reviewers that, unfortunately, had negative experiences, but literally every time I call or email Vanessa I get a response within 24 hours.  Another issue with the past mgmt company was the tone of the people who would answer the phone.  I always got anxiety before dialing the number because I would always need to ask them to do something and the responses would always be curt and cold.  I felt as if I was bothering them!  But Vanessa (no matter how many times I call her, and I ask a lot of favors!) NEVER sounds put off and is always cheerful and happy to hear from me.  Vanessa goes over and above in delivering outstanding customer service.

Additionally, the team at HOA Organizers was stellar in making the transition from the old management company (that had no digital files, they literally made a courier drive an hour to their office to pick up a bankers box of paper) as smooth as possible.  When we were served a shutoff notice from DWP, I know HOA Organizers sent members of their staff to walk into a DWP office to make payments in person.  The level of care and professional management is incredible.  

HOA Organizers obviously can't manage a community on their own, but they are great with communicating with the board and supporting the needs of the board!


Our building had been poorly managed prior to us switching over to HOA Organizers.  Not only did we cut our property management fees in half, but with Marcia and Janet, it became clear what exemplary service looks like.  They are both extremely professional and courteous, and reply to queries very quickly.  Under their care, our property is finally clean, well landscaped, and rules are being enforced.  We had an HOA meeting where a drunk homeowner was being disruptive and belligerent; Marcia quickly stepped in and calmly diffused the situation.

It is a relief to know the property is being managed under such capable hands.

Chery N

Matt Meadors is an excellent Community Manager at HOA Organizers. Our HOA community has benefited greatly from professionals who provide timely and sound customer service with all areas of HOA management issues including CC&Rs enforcement, building maintenance, legal, Board member questions, budget analysis, vendor and bid selections, HOA dues, Special Assessments and meeting preparation.  Matt also makes himself available to  engage with clients and check in to address any concerns.  We can't image participating on an HOA Board of Governors committee without the assistance of a trained professional. We found HOA Organizers, Inc. on YELP! and our BOG continues to express how much easier their jobs are due to this great service.

Ebony W

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I think that Helen is doing an outstanding job here.  She really goes beyond the extra mile when needed or not.


Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes from time to time (we continue learning until we die) but after going through a few MGMT companies in the 17 years that I have lived here...she really rocks (and of course your company too!).


So have a great rest of the week and just know that I appreciate you and your staff and know that Helen is doing a great job here.

Rory, President, The Colonial House

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