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Make Your Payments Online

Set up your payments 24/7!

Setting up your payments is easy! You can make a one-time or recurring payment from your checking account, or pay by credit card.


To set up your payments, please visit

You will just need a few pieces of information, which will be filled in automatically if you access the bank's portal through.


If you need any help making your payment, just text NOAH at (833) 686-5857, and he will be happy to help! You can text him for any property concerns, however questions you can ask about making payments include:

"How can I make a payment?"

"What is the company ID?"

"What is the association ID number?"

"What is my account number?"

If you need help, please click on the link below and review this document for step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the payment portal website:


If, after reviewing the document, you need further assistance, please contact our office at, or by calling (833) 446-2674, and someone will be happy to help!

Mail Your Check

If you would prefer to mail a check, or use your bank's bill pay service, please make the check payable to your Association, and ensure your account number is printed legibly on the check. Do not mail checks to the HOA Organizers office. Any checks received will be mailed to the lockbox or returned to the owner, and you m ay incur late fees. Mail the check to the below lockbox address:

Association Name

c/o HOA Organizers

P.O. Box 98295
Phoenix, AZ 85038-0295

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