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11th Annual ABCs of HOAs

Our 11th Annual ABCs of HOAs took place virtually on January 20, 2024.  We decided to move the event from December to January.  We again had a record number of attendees both register and attend! Thank you to all of the Board members who attended!  It was a Saturday filled with education and we thank our speakers/sponsors for all they do to make this event a reality!  Each of our speakers are subject matter experts and we are thrilled to give them a forum to share their expertise with all of us to help us grow. 

Adrian Adams presents the
2024 Legislative Update

Lead your HOA with INTENTION
Neda dives into financials and reserve studies.

Understanding the current market

How to keep your HOA out of COURT!

Future Proofing your HOA

Construction Defect for
new and aging communities

Growing your reserve funds

Economic Forecast & Market Overview

10th Annual ABCs of HOAs

Our 10th Annual ABCs of HOAs took place virtually on December 2023. It was an incredible day filled with education and we thank our speakers below for sharing their expertise with us!

What people are saying about our 10th Annual Event:

"Thank you so much! Our HOA just got a loan for solar and we had to learn about (and act on) everything you spoke about! The info on reserves and assessments is just what we need." -Gail H. (Board Member)

"I learn something new every time I attend.  This is a great service to our industry. You are clearly superior to many of the better known big operators.  Thank you. " -Stewart S. (Board Member)

"Definitely the BEST one yet!!!!!" -Sue L. (Board Member)

9th Annual ABCs of HOAs

Our 9th Annual ABCs of HOAs took place virtually for the second year on December 11th, 2021. We had a record number of attendees register. It was an incredible day filled with education and we thank our speakers below for sharing their expertise with us!

0:00 - Welcome and Introduction
7:20 - Adrian Adams - Adams Stirling - 2022 Legal Updates
36:00 - Roula Sakellakos - Alliance Association Bank - Loans for Communities
45:00 - Steven Roseman - Roseman Law - Emergency Special Assessments
1:03:15 - Aaron Antis - Antis Roofing & Waterproofing - Supply Chain Issues in Maintenance and Re-Roofing
1:20:48 - Demetrios Xanthos - SAX Insurance - Insurance Rate Increases
1:45:11 - Sandra Gottlieb - Swedelson Gottlieb - The Myth of Neighbor to Neighbor Disputes
2:03:26 - Sean Kargari - Association Reserves - Importance of Funding Relating to SB 326 (The Balcony Bill)
2:20:00 - Steven Tinnelly, Harassment and Hostile Owners
2:38:56 - Neda Nehouray, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - HOA Organizers, Inc. - Strategic Planning for Your Community

8th Annual ABCs of HOAs

Below find videos of our 8th annual event. The first video is an introduction, 2021 legal updates, and a panel on SB 326 (the balcony bill).

Breakout Room 1 Includes:

  • Neda Nehouray, CEO and founder of HOA Organizers, reviewing Board Responsibilities and Best Practices 

  • Sandra Gottlieb, Esq., founder and managing partner of Swedelson Gottlieb covering AB 3182 - New Rental Laws for 2021

  • Dan Huertas with ADCO Roofing to share the Signs of When it's time for a New Roof

  • Susan Paquette, Operating Manager of Witkin & Neal, sharing Dues and Collections During the Pandemic

  • Regina Korossy, financial advisor with Edward Jones Investments to provide 2021 Financial Forecasts

  • Steven Roseman, CEO and managing partner of Roseman Law to cover Harassment, New Requirements, and Policies and Procedures.

Breakout Room 2 Includes:

  • Dr. Lori Baker-Schena to discuss Staying Positive while Effectively Leading.

  • Steven J. Tinnelly, Esq. with the Tinnelly Law Group to discuss the Pandemic Panic, Best Practices and How to Avoid Liability.

  • Aaron Antis with Antis Roofing, sharing about Getting Ahead: The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

  • Gabriel Anguiano, Operation Manager for Stay Green to educate about Environmentally Conscious Landscaping.

  • Demetrios Xanthos with SAX Insurance to help us understand When to File an Insurance Claim.

  • Allan Lauenstein with Trifecta Construction to share Planter and Walkway Waterproofing Solutions.

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