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Lake Communities

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Lake Community Management Experts

Lake communities have a unique set of challenges that we are uniquely qualified to handle. Our experienced team is here to help. Here is how your community can benefit from partnering with HOA Organizers:

Lake Management

Our team has helped communities with lake management activities, including dredging, erosion control, shoreline maintenance, water quality control, and more. We have experience interacting with local and statewide regulators such as the Division of Safety of Dams through the CA Department of Water Resources, local wildlife management districts, the Department of Beaches and Harbors, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and others. 

Organization & Technology

Lake communities need special care around organization. When overseeing large numbers of homes and complex systems, you can rest assured that things like regular maintenance, governing document compliance, and delinquency processing are happening like clockwork. Our robust technological solutions and commitment to communication means no more guessing about where projects stand.

Staffing Solutions

Are you tired of your community being exposed to employer liability? Thinking you may be paying too much for employee benefits? If you want to put your mind at ease, let us do the work! For all staff, including general managers, valet, front desk liaisons, building engineers, handymen, and more we offer full HR support, including sourcing, hiring, conducting periodic evaluations, coordinating trainings, and termination. Employees are drawn to HOA Organizers for our high level of support and our robust benefits package including health insurance, vision, dental, 401(k), life insurance, and a host of supplementary benefit offerings. 

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