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Assessments During the Pandemic

Home is where the heart is. There’s no place like home. Home is my happy place. Home sweet home! It’s good to be home! These are common, cliché phrases we have all heard and used at some point. We currently find ourselves in a situation where being confined to our home is our new normal, and it seems that this will be the case for at least a month.

HOA Organizers is a community association management company, and we have the pleasure and honor to serve you, our homeowners and our homeowners associations each and every day. We strive to make your home your sanctuary in every way possible. Living in a community association does also require sensitivity and consideration for people who live in close proximity, so we also work hard to build a sense of community and unity.

We are all actively facing a global health crisis, which has created an immediate disruption to life and finances as we knew it. In the last week, homeowners have contacted our managers to let us know that they have lost their jobs and source of income over night.

While we are so sympathetic to everyone’s financial struggles at this time, we want to encourage homeowners to work with your Association in continuing your HOA dues payments, and at the very least, making payments to the best of your abilities.

Your Homeowners Association is still an essential service, required to continue to insure the community, supply homeowners with water, make sure that the common areas have electricity, service the common areas, and perform repairs. The Association relies and depends on homeowner dues to supply all of these necessities to owners. While some owners may be faced with financial hardships at this time, we urge you to place your Homeowners Association dues on the top of your payment priority list. We want to work together to ensure that there will still be no place like home, that home will continue to be your happy place, and that home is still home sweet home for you and all of your neighbors!

In the weeks to come, we look forward to facilitating some town hall meetings for your homeowners to provide some great community and individual tips, while also bringing your neighbors together to connect online. We hope that all of you are finding peace in your new norms, and that you are above all else, HEALTHY!

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