Community Association Management
Finding a professional Management Company to give your community the attention you deserve is not an easy task. We know that each community has unique needs, which is why we customize our service level fBalboa Townhomesor you. When working as a full service manager, we offer our other services as part of our management agreement, which is something that other management companies will overlook. We take the time to not only complete your action list but also take a pro-active approach in our management style. You may have experienced working with an inundated manager, which can be challenging. At HOA Organizers, we are service-oriented and will not accept a new account if the level of service cannot be provided to the client. With our full services, we also offer exciting online bill pay, web access to homeowners to review billing statements, a website customized just for your community that can be used as a community forum or source of disseminating notices. Please contact us for more information regarding this service.

Cost-Cutting Audit

In today’s economic climate, most everyone has been attempting to conserve costs as best as possible. Your Association can do the same! What we do is evaluate all of your Association’s expenses (big and small). We will also review existing income producing line items. The function of this audit is to create actual savings and/or generate income based on innovative methods through our experience in property management. If we cannot save you money, we don’t receive any fees for our service. At the end of our extensive audit, your Association will have a detailed report showing you the results of the audit. You will see that we may find significant savings for your community, which can result in increases in reserve contributions or possible decreases in monthly dues. Every penny counts, and we also know that with our experience in doing this audit for a multitude of Homeowners Associations, we have the resources to maximize the effectiveness of the audit. All in all, your Associations have nothing to lose except an excessive budget.

Inspectors of Election 

grayWith the changing laws regarding Elections, you may consider reducing your liability by having an independent-third party handle your election process. The residents of your community can be assured that your election is handled fairly, and the Association will not be troubled with making sure all aspects of your election are in accord with the Davis-Stirling Act.

Recording Secretarial Services
We guarantee that a professional recording secretary will attend your meeting, equipped with a laptop and prepared to record your minutes. We provide you with quality minutes within 10 business days.

Site Inspections and follow-up violation letters 
Sending out violation letters is an important task, as non-compliance can severely detract from the Association’s aesthetics and affect property values. HOA Organizers, Inc. can inspect your community and send out your violations letters, or you can send us a list of violations for us to produce for you. With regular violation letters and follow-up hearing letters being sent out, this service pays for itself!

You can either provide the specific content or some general topics that we can expound upon. We have several formats you can choose from, or you can send us a sample of how you would like your newsletter to look.

Budget and Disclosure Consulting 
Disclosure requirements have changed within the last few years. HOA Organizers, Inc. can help you handle all steps of the Budget Disclosure package, providing an experienced budgeting consultant to work on figures, and handle mailing the package to the membership within the timeframes specified by law.

Maintenance and Management Planning 
HOA Organizers, Inc. will review your community needs and customize a maintenance and management plan/calendar that will keep your Association running smoothly and on the right track.